A New Kind Of Abolitionist

I had a list of things that I wanted to study and write. I mentally filed my inspiration away when walking the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans last week. But I am home now and need to put it aside for a moment. There are too many things pulling at my heart with urgency. It feels like I have walked with my countrymen to an edge of a cliff that hovers over a dark void. Standing so close to the edge that drawing too much breath will send us all over into the darkness, swallowed up and devoured...

I grew up in church. I have always known what the Bible says, but I grew up loving history too. Even as a little girl, it gave me pause to see how often people used the Word of God to justify evil acts. It made me wonder if we were all serving a different God. How can the Bible be true if one man holds it up while standing on a auction block with a black man standing naked beside him, selling him off to the highest bidder? How can the Bible be true if evil men are holding it while carrying out genocide on Native Americans, telling them that God gave this land to them, not the Natives who were heathens and unacceptable? How can the Bible be true if pastors held it in their hands while justifying wars and ignoring the black men and women in American streets, marching for equality and the right to attend the same school as the white child? Too often the Bible has been in the hands of men and women who have used it to push hate, murder, and separation between people groups. They held it in their hands while tying the knot in rope and placing the loop over the black man's neck, and they still hold it now as they tear children from their parents at out nation's Southern border.

I grew up hearing the phrase that we must remember and know our history lest we repeat it. So I learned it. I devoured it. I cried as I looked at the photos of Jews in concentration camps, wept when I read their stories. And here I am, at 35 years old, and wondering what my fellow countrymen were doing instead of learning their history, because they did not learn; they did not grow; they did not succeed in becoming something good. But hear this: We are not repeating history, we are making a new chapter of renewed hate and bloodshed. Fresh. New ink. A new story. And it lacks love and compassion and the very spirit of what America could have been...

The ugliness began generations ago, perhaps when our Founding Father dipped the quill in the well and the first drop of ink bled into what would become our Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States, because even they held human beings in bondage while holding their bibles.

I have grown weary of watching the Word of God be counterfeited for evil. I will forever stand against such actions and fight for all humans to be treated with the love of a neighbor, as Christ commanded. I beg you to start to hold these men and woman accountable as well. We must reclaim the love of Christ and set aside our love of country. We must choose who we will serve. It is not easy. It causes you to deconstruct from the religion you were raised in and learn a new way that is spiritual, not religious. Yet I find that this is where I can breathe and find a loving version of God.

Tomorrow, I will do my best to write what I know, what I have learned, what I have studied, and hopefully pen it in stirring words that might move hearts and minds towards a place of compassion for our fellow man. It may not work, but it is what I can do as a true Patriot of freedom and safe harbor for all. I will be a new kind of abolitionist...

And I hope I will not find myself alone.


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  1. As I consider Christ's sacrifice for me, his Great Commission to go out and tell his story to all, and his commandment to love others as myself, I can't understand how the book filled with that message could represent the message of oppressors. As I watched QE season 2 episode 1, I am certain that what you feel called to do must be done.