The God In Me And The God In You

These days, I have a lot of my own ideas and thoughts about who God is. Very few of these thoughts still hold the fundamental ideas of my childhood religious upbringing. Almost all my ideas about God have been stripped of what I was taught the Holy Bible said about God. It isn’t that I stopped believing all of that (I did stop believing much of it), but rather that I came to my personal revelation that God is unique to each of us.

I suppose I think about it in the same way that I do when I think about who I am. I know who I am (most of the time), but all the people that come across me and get to know me in various intimate ways, or just friendly acquaintance ways, see a different version of me. They all have their own ideas of who I am and what I’m about. They look at me differently and make judgements on my character flaws and strengths. To me, very few ever get it right. Sometimes I don’t even get it right! But after all, we are all looking and searching and understanding from different vantage points.

And I think this is the same with God.

We are all on different paths. We have all been taught different things. Many of us worship differently, call God by different names, and feel that everyone else that’s not doing it just like us are the real ones that don’t actually know him. Some of us are looking at God from a valley and have to squint to see, while others are standing high on a mountaintop—vision clear.

This is why I like the expression often used in Buddhism: The God in me honors the God in you.

I’m not saying that we are all individual gods. I am saying that we all have the imprint of our Maker within us. We hold a fraction of God—that spirit—that divine love that is timeless and unconditional—that DNA of kinship. All of us. From the saints to the scoundrels. This is what connects us despite race and gender, religion and creed. This is what makes us a family…all human together…all created…and bearing that image of Almighty within us. Some of us know that God is there, some of us haven’t found the Spirit yet, and others do their best to bury the Truth and Light and run hard from it with all their might.

I think this is why it is so important to treat one another with love and kindness. Every person we come across and interact with are other beautiful beings that are walking around with the Spirit of God deep within them. Maybe you can see it when you look into their eyes? Or maybe it’s cloaked in darkness that tries hard to kill that person’s truth and identity? But whatever the case, we are bearing our hearts and God’s heart with every smile, every flicker of our eyes, ever tear, every laughter, ever ripple of anger and stab of grief…

How much would the world change if we viewed each other in this way? How would we begin to change the way we interact with who we think are our enemies if we believed that God was within them? Would we hurt them? Kill them? Hate them? Starve them? Leave them wanting for shelter and warmth? Or would we wrap them in our arms and hold them dear and close? Would we honor them and the Spirit that’s inside them? Would we take care of one another and tear down walls? Would we live together in a kingdom built upon mutual respect and honor?

We should.

Because if we believe we are created, then we must also believe the Creator leaves a part of themself within each of us.


The God in me honors the God in you.

We are family.

We are all One.

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. With a body." 
~C.S. Lewis



  1. You are beautiful, and so is your heart.

  2. I think this is why we see God called by so many names in the Bible. People going through different experiences gave God different names (i.e.Hagar out on her own after Abraham and Sara kicked her out) and God treasured those experiences and those names, and we are allowed to see that in the Bible. So traditionally we kind of lump all those names together and say "these are God's names an attributes", but really they are individualized personal experiences. God is not one size fits all. I don't think God ever wants us to stop adding to that list of names, God treasures our individual experiences.