Don't Be Jealous Of Their Shooting Stars :: Dang, Roger!

Art my SiriosPlanet at Deviant Art

Sunday night, Roger and I were standing on our back porch. It was a little cold and I shivered, glancing up at the sky. I stood there for a moment, studying the stars and trying to decide which ones were planets, which ones were satellites, which ones were actually airplanes, and which ones were genuine stars—the ones that twinkled. “Look at all the stars,” I told Roger. As soon as he turned to look, he let out this strange sound (a manly gasp, maybe?). “I just saw the biggest shooting star I’ve ever seen in my life!” He said, pointing just over the juniper trees.

Now, how the heck does that happen? I was the one standing there looking up at the sky, studying it, admiring it, carefully observing it’s splendor, yet Roger looks up and immediately is gifted with an awesome sight.

This afternoon I was washing dishes and thinking about that, a bubble of jealousy popping up. Sure, it stinks that I missed it, but why the envy? Why do we get envious when a new set of eyes—a young heart—steps onto the scene—our scene—and sees something even more beautiful than we thought we were seeing? Maybe it’s a young student that has an inspiring epiphany over the professor’s shoulder that changes everything, even that which the professor thought he/she knew very well. I bet it would have taken everything that professor had within him/her not to smack that uppity little student, horning in on his/her hard work.
But that’s the thing…

Shouldn’t we be happy when someone comes on the scene and sees something more beautiful and awe-inspiring than we did? I could have knocked Roger in the back of his head for having the nerve to see that shooting star instead of me. I could have told him he was wrong—that he was imagining things, or flat out called him a liar.

But for heaven’s sake, someone saw a shooting star! Someone saw something more beautiful! Someone learned something we had missed! They created something we never thought of while using our work as a step up! Someone invented what our imagination never could have considered!

And so Roger and I stood there, staring up at the sky. He was still smiling blissfully at his special gift while I was staring at the sky looking for my own shooting star.

I did not see one that night…

But don’t give up.

Don’t get jealous.

Just keep standing beside others and stare up at the stars until the next one cuts across the night sky.


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