Mother God's Love For All People :: And Instagram Babies

I was sitting down between school lessons and sipping my lukewarm coffee and scrolling my IG feed when I spotted a post by a friend. It was a beautiful photograph of her sleeping baby girl. The caption read:

"Sometimes when she's peacefully sleeping, I put my ear close to her tiny face so I can listen to her breathe. In those moments, I can't believe how perfect she is--let alone that she's my bundle of perfection."

I smiled. That's sweet.

I was about to keep scrolling when I suddenly felt the little hair at the back of my neck stand up. Warmth spread over me. I closed my eyes and pictured God doing the exact same thing with us.

All of us.

Not only the Christians or those that do good. No only the successful or righteous.


In that tender, quiet moment, God the Father becomes Mother God. Her heart is full of maternal, unconditional love. It no longer matters what we've done or how we have angrily kicked back the love She freely gives. While we sleep, She quietly puts Her ear close to our mouth and listens to us breathe. A silent tear rolls down her cheek. We are Her bundle of perfection.

All of us.

The good and the bad.

The ones who whole-heartedly love Her...

And those who's wounds keep them from feeling and freely returning Her love.

We are our Mother's image.

We are Her bundle of perfection. 


NOTE: The photo is of my own sleeping baby (boy) and not taken from my friend's IG account. 

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