Why Do You Use God To Justify Your Politics?

There is a good deal that scares me about this election, the greatest of which is the Christians I know that so readily embrace wickedness and claim it’s something good—something worthy. The second greatest thing that is scaring me about this election is the outright racism and sexism on clear display—flaunted even. It’s as if there is no shame or discretion, just unadulterated disgust, contempt and hatred.

What is happening to the hearts of Americans? Most especially, what is happening to the hearts of those whom claim to know and serve The Lord?

Yesterday, I endured three attacks on my gender that were meant to render me a joke and incapable of level-headed and intelligent conversation. My husband endured one attack after the other (many from real life people he knows) on his character and faith. He was ridiculed for holding Evangelical leaders accountable for endorsing hate—this person going so far as to tell Roger he was attacking the bride of Christ and that God would not tolerate such an attack on his beloved…

Folks, I am truly baffled.

This is religion.

This is not Jesus.

Roger and I for one, have painfully worked to strip ourselves of religion. I refuse to put those heavy shackles back on.

When we reach the place that we tell others that God does not endorse the murder of the unborn but completely would and has ordered the vicious slaughter and war upon His enemies (which apparently are America’s physical enemies), then we have a wicked idol that has replaced God the Father. When we tell others that God is unchanged and that the God of the Old Testament is still the God of today, murdering those that were against Him (against America), we are serving a false narrative of God The Father.

Stop it.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also (John 14:6-7).” Jesus is not the war-mongering, vengeful God of the Old Testament. He was the change. He was the salvation. He was and is The Prince of Peace. If you do not know your Heavenly Father under this light and description, then you do not know God. Either that, or you do not believe in your heart that Jesus is the son of God: the way…the truth and the life.

Please understand, you cannot be angry at abortion and look the other way for war. You cannot try to apply your religious values to politics and expect only a few values to stick while looking the other way as the others slide to the wayside. That is hypocritical. And you absolutely must not use your religious values to mock and shame fellow Christian brothers and sisters who will not be voting for the candidate you think is most worthy.

“But, Gia?” You might be shouting at the computer screen. “Isn’t this blog post publicly mocking and shaming me? Aren’t you angry that I am voting Trump?”

First, vote for Trump if you approve of him. That doesn’t bother me. But do not include God or Jesus or being pro-life into that story in order to justify your choice. It will not work.

And second, maybe. I guess that depends on if you do not believe what I said about Jesus. If that’s the case, we have bigger issues to worry about.


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  1. If we hire only those who are pure of heart and Godly to run our Country, States, counties and towns we are probably going to be short on leaders of this country. Probably why we came up with separation of Church and State.. Contrary to popular believe this country was not settled by or for Christianity. We both should already know this being direct descendants of One of those who came to this country on the Mayflower. Those few who were Christian did not believe in Christmas or Easter, however they did believe in Witches and demons. That being said No I really would rather have someone to choose from maybe even Bernie Sanders. But given the choice of going further down hill with the current administration and a Commander and Chief that would leave our people to die and someone I would prefer crash her broomstick into a light pole well not going for the broomstick rider.. I feel our only hope is for men to become men again we are way passed time for another revolution.. The main reason for the right to bare arms.. And as one of our other ancestors are credited with saying
    Taxation without representation is tyranny... God Bless