The Flight of Love :: Dax and Jaki

 Dax and Jaki are some of the sweetest people Roger and I know.  When Jaki asked me about shooting some portraits for them, I was stoked. They're newlyweds, but ooze maturity and deep--old love. Still, though, I had to direct the romance that I wanted to capture on the camera. It's just the way it is. Very few folks are comfortable snuggling and kissing their partner while a strange Gia watches and takes pictures. To add pressure to the scene, I'm pretty critical of the "on screen" kisses. I make sure that people kiss with their eyes shut to avoid the creeper aspect. But as Dax kissed Jaki, I WAS THE ONE THAT WENT ALL CREEPER.

"You guys have a super passionate kiss!" I suddenly say.

Then my cheeks flame with heat. What the heck, Gia? Why would you say that?!

So I pick up my shovel and start to dig my way out of the awkward mess. "I mean...sometimes I'm shooting engagements or weddings and the kiss is pretty lame. But not you guys!"

That's not actually that much better...


But Jaki politely relieves me from my awkward banter by explaining that perhaps they have that kiss because it is so special to them. You see, their first kiss came the day of their wedding. In fact, is was Jaki's first kiss ever.

My eyes just about roll out of my head. How had I not known this?! I was at their wedding! I mean, for goodness sakes! If I had known this bit of information, I would have been hooting and cheering and cat calling for daaaaaaayyys.

And that's probably why they didn't tell anyone.

I cleared my throat and shook my head and told them to bring their temples together and smile. I went back to shooting, silently lecturing myself on talking too much during photo session. 

And now, you, my friends, may enjoy these beautiful portraits of some of the sweetest human beings I know.


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