Why You Shouldn't Fear Hair That Glitters

Imagine it’s your wedding day. You woke up early. You are determined to make the day as peaceful and relaxed as you possibly can. This is a day you want to cherish because it only (almost) comes once in a lifetime.

So, you make a pot of coffee and you pull on your slippers. You sit down in an easy chair and sigh, close you eyes for a moment and savor it all. Maybe you turn on Netflix because, you know, you’re chilling? The Chef’s Table comes on and you’re caught up in all the beautiful French words and the pretty French scenery and the interesting, yet somewhat startling images of French food. Did he really just dunk that oyster in black ink, serve it in the middle of a white plate and cause that food critique to cry happy tears?

Then, suddenly, you blink.

You check your watch and realize with horror that you only have one hour left to shower and get ready to get out the door for the most important day of your life.

*cue the panic and heart palpitations*

*cue the flood of stress sweat*

Your heart is pounding. You kick off the slippers and race through the house. All the joy and the peace and the pretty things are gone. You’re in a panic. You’re gonna be late. You’re running out of time!

This is what white hairs do to us all (at least a good portion of us).

We’re growing up as children looking for adventure, making preparations as teens, pitching dreams and goals as young adults…

And then, panic.

There’s a white hair! Right there at your temple! But is it really white? You’ve had these moments before when you thought for sure it was a white hair, only to pluck it and realize it was your natural blonde hair growing out of your red-dyed hair.


You’re still good. There’s still time.

But not now. This one is white. You’ve plucked it and compared it to every shade of black in the house. It’s clearly white. It even glitters like it’s something important and special.

I suppose it it. Because this white hair *glittery hair* is a motivator. It’s a kick in the pants. It’s the Mickey Mouse watch screaming at us that you don’t have time to waste anymore. You’ve gotta get on the move and get things done if you’re going to have that wedding—that beautiful moment—the moment that only comes once in a lifetime.


Don’t be afraid of the white hairs. Don’t let them steal that joyful peace that came right before the rush. And don’t rush. It’s your wedding, gosh-darn-it! It’s not gonna start without you.

“But, Gia,” you might be yelling at the computer screen. “Death doesn’t wait on us to get our *$#@ together! There’s only so much time!”

You’re right.

You’re perfectly right, Smarty Pants.

But who cares? Don’t have time to accomplish all that goals and dreams you thought up? Then reevaluate. Change it up. That’s the adventure of life! And after all, we are freaking women! Strong. Powerful. Capable. Almost...almost...immortal. Think about that for a minute.

But listen here, don’t ever let the white hairs discourage you. You’re not old. You’re just getting started. And if anything, the sight of the glittery hair you just plucked should encourage you and motivate you.

So sit with me a little longer. Get a cup of coffee. Put your slippers back on your feet. Turn Chef’s Table back on. Grab that notebook over there and let’s start making a list of things to start doing as soon as this episode is over.

We got this.

Enjoy this moment.

My silver hair goals. I would totally just dye it all silver now and rock it like a freaking warrior.



  1. Perhaps if you slow down a bit and not over extend yourself less stress is the answer to less grey hair. Or perhaps it is hereditary and the other side of your gene pool will kick in and you won't see another one until you are about fifty..lol

    1. I kinda think they're cool. Strong women should glitter.