Ten of the COooOOOoolest Halloween Costumes For Your Peanut

I have lots of mama friends with new babies this fall and thought I would make your life easier by supplying a listacle of the raddest Halloween costumes for your peanut. How awesome am I??

*say: Gia, you freaking slay!*

Why, thank you!

  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you're not super handy with a ball of yarn and crochet hook, or have a crazy aunt or yarn-loving friend, you can purchase this costume multiple places online. Here's a link if you're short on time. Haven't read the book with you little nugget? Here is a link for that too.

When Mom And Dad Are Harry Potter Fans
There are all kinds of ways to have a Harry Potter Halloween with your sweet pea. He can be harry potter all on his own like this slick fella:

Click here to purchase a set similar to this or make your own.

Dad want to dress up too? How about baby Harry and Hagrid?


Or maybe a sibling can be Harry and baby can be a screaming Mandrake? I mean, the HP possibilities are endless!

Popcorn Baby

This is a pretty adorable and easy do-it-yourself.  Click here for the instructions. 

UP Baby! 

 I mean, COME ON! 

Fighter Pilot

You can order this adorable slight suit and cranial here. And why not take it up a notch by turning your baby's stroller or wagon into an airplane? Or make a big airplane out of a cardboard box for mom or dad to wear with baby secured inside via baby wearing? 

Frog Prince Kissing Booth?

Well, I mean, don't let anyone flat out lay a big wet one of your babe, but...for real?!?! This is adorbs! 

 Salt n Pepper Twins

Gotta set of twins? This is probably the hippest twinkie costume I've seen in a while.  

Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Well, that's easy enough. Right?

Lobster in a Pot

Order a baby lobster costume here and use your biggest stock pot to carry baby in. Baby got a big sister? She can be princess Ariel and dad can be the French chef from The Little Mermaid. 

Crawling Taco

Okay, it's possible I just want someone to get this for their baby and let me watch the taco crawl around. The hilarity! 
 Have fun and send me pictures!!


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