Seizures, Medication, Meltdowns? Sure. We Got This.

When we took Lucy to the neurologist at Riley, we didn’t have the best experience, as many of you have read. I tried to explain to the resident that I truly felt that Lucy’s meltdown were part of a cycle with her seizures, but she wouldn’t hear me.

Last week, I wrote about a particularly bad day where Lucy had an extremely bad meltdown. It wasn’t the worst, but it was the first one she had in weeks since starting her new medication. It took me off guard and broke my heart. Lucy hadn’t had a single seizure since she started the new medication and I feared that everything I thought about the seizures correlation to the meltdowns was unfounded…

Every night this week, Lucy has had multiple seizure episodes in her sleep that result with her waking up in soaking wet sheets and being forced awake multiple times a night. This morning, she could barely hold her head up when we started school. Her face was pale and she had purple circles under her eyes. She looked beyond exhausted. She simply wanted to lay under the covers and hide and sleep and finally get some rest.

Now, looking back, I can understand that the meltdown was a precursor to an uptick in seizure activities—a forewarning, of sorts.

I wasn’t crazy.

I’m not crazy.

I know my daughter.

I cannot make sense of how this all works, most especially if those within the medical field do not want to listen to me because they haven’t got more than twenty minutes to deal with my daughter’s thick file.

But I’m not crazy.

I’m not.

And I am going to make sure this girl of mine gets the help and medication she needs.

Now I will leave you with some random shots from this morning as I prepped my camera to put away from last night's session.

Because these were just chilling out with me. 
That look on her face drips with mischief. She's also not being very wise...
Yep. Pure mischief. 


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