My Feminist Rant. Sorry. Sorta. Maybe Not.

I’m going to have a little rant here. Just take it, leave it, walk away, or get angry with me. Whatever the case, I’m not happy.

Listen, I think that we need to understand that we live in the year 2016. We should not be boxing women up into ridiculous packages anymore. For far too long, the woman has been a pretty thing that can do the pretty things. She can keep the house neat and tidy, decorate it attractively, and cook good meals that also happen to look appetizing.


Also, women are more prone to the leisure arts, or so history says.

What the heck?!?!

LEISURE ARTS!!!???!!!??? Are you for real? History, do you understand what year this is???

*Gia’s eye flame up and she begins to froth at the mouth in a rage*

Gia can paint and draw. She can sketch pretty portraits. Gia is capable of following complex crochet patterns and crochet delicate doilies with painfully small stitches. Gia can stand in the craft isle and stare at the rows of wool and pick and choose which combination will result is something beautiful. She can arrange flowers nicely in a vase and use coffee artistically. (Actually, I can’t arrange flowers nicely in a vase…)

These are leisure arts. So “they” say. I don’t know who “they” are, but they’re dumb.

Bull. Freaking. Crap. 

For centuries, women of high class have been taught “leisure arts” that set her atop a pedestal of endless free time in which she needs to occupy her idle, dull little brain. It suggests that the wealth handed to her gives her empty time in which she needs to busy her hands and channel her creativity. After all, if you leave her to sit too long and not have an outlet for her passions, she might begin to thing about…*gasp* *whisper*…sex.

The horror!

Yet, poor women have always managed to pretty their homes and create beautiful pieces of art, too. The poor woman living in a country home sews nice clothes for herself and her children. She makes her own crocheted doilies to spruce up her sparse surroundings. When she is able to sit down for a time, she might doodle sketches in the margins of her shopping list. She doesn’t have “free” time, yet she has creativity and passions as well.

Creativity is not something we have when we have extra time.

Creativity is not something that is a privilege to the upper classes.

Creativity is not bound by class or wealth.

And here is the underlined part that I must have you understand. I’ve taken the widest-tipped red sharpie and drawn massive circles around it for you:

We must not shrug these skills off as mere leisure arts.

Goodness, freaking sakes!

So I demand that state fairs all across our vast nation begin to change the vernacular in which they associate the more “feminine” arts and stop gender-labeling any kind of art. Let the women do art. Period. It takes time. It takes skill. It takes creativity.

Pfft. I’d like to see YOU try to follow a vintage doily pattern. 

And one more thing!

Women do these awesome, beautiful things WHILE taking care of a home, raising children, and occasionally menstruating.



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