Meet Brayton :: Class of 2017

Today, obviously is September 1st. I mention this because, if you're like me, you're always waiting for the first hints of fall. My first hint was a view weeks ago when school began. It was crickets. For some reason, I only seem to notice them just before fall.

Today, it was the cool, breezy day. It was perfect. It was the kind of day that you readily open your windows through the entire house and let the fresh air clean everything. That's what Benjamin Franklin did. He called these moments his "air baths" and he enjoyed them completely nude.

This is not how I enjoyed my day.


London did, though.

Anyway, tonight was a great night for a senior session. I didn't sweat through all my clothes. Yaaaaassss! I still yammered (that's a real word, yo) on and on like the crazy-lady-photographer that I am. It's a nervous twitch. maybe? I mean, no one likes getting their picture taken and I am well aware of this. WELL aware.

So meet young Brayton who was gracious enough to put up with my yammering (means to speak volubly).

This is Brayton. He has pretty blue eyes and he doesn't know who Lois Lane is. 

He is is somewhat interested in Purdue University. It was on the tip of my tongue to mention how Purdue had partnered with Amelia Earhart to further aviation and make it an equal playing field for women, but I was too busy talking volubly about Lois Lane and Superman.

Brayton and I climbed down under the bridge that stretches over the treacherous White River (maybe it was pretty calm today) and risked our lives to take a few shots with all the graffiti. Now, I often go down there and then have to change all the F words to something else in Photoshop. I don't want any angry emails from kid's grannys. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the graffiti had evolved to messages like: Save The Earth. Man. I LOVE these millennial hipsters!

I told Brayton I was going to look up the meaning of his name for him. I think it's an empowering piece of knowledge--at least it can be. However, I ran into some funny snags while researching Brayton's. I'm not sure how empowering this will be for him...

Drum roll please???


Brayton is a place name that originates from North Yorkshire. It's comes from the old Scandinavian word breithr which means broad. So, basically, folks back then started naming towns they founded near broad valleys breithr, which progressed to Bray, which then became Braytown and Braydden.

But would you believe me if I told you that this also means you can go to unbelievable heights and equal depths? You can read more about what the name means here. I'm not going to plaster it here for others though, because it talks about emotions and love and all that "girly" stuff that gives folks the ooey gooey feelings.

So, I will leave you with this quote that's nice and manly:

Brayton, your limits are broad (see what I did there?). Don't be afraid to take all the risks, make mistakes, do all the things on your bucket list, and chase after God. You've got this. You're gonna save the earth...

And find Lois Lane. 


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