Lousy Internet Ruining My Lousy Post

Here we are again...

It's late.

There are a few things that I check off the "night-time" list:

1. Take my medicine.
2. Scoop the little box.
3. Feed the cats.
4. All those lovely things like brushing teeth and washing face and rubbing in Old Lady Cream

And, yet, here we are. I forgot to blog, and I don't even have anything to write about.


It was a pretty nice Saturday. Roger had to work, but the house was calm and the kids played well together. Not only that, but we woke up to a fall "feel" in the air--morning fog that took a while to burn off, and a slight chill.

It was my plan to share photos of interesting things from the day: art completed, the weird spot I found London asleep after I panicked and ran through the house in a fright because I couldn't find her, the blanket I started to crochet...


The internet isn't working so great at the moment and it won't let me upload any images.

What a lousy blog post, eh?

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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