Justin & Paula's Silver Thread

Paula and Justin were born just hours apart the morning of February 1, 1956.

Their story is one as sweet and innocent as they come...

It began in 1960, when Paula moved next door to the Reuter family. They became friends and playmates. There were afternoon cartoons, Kool-Aid, and outdoor games of baseball and kickball with their older siblings. They lived next to a graveyard and played an after dark version of "hide and seek" that they called "Ghost."

Justin and Paula got into trouble a few times. One time, Paula talked him into taking her for a ride on his red tricycle. As 5 year-olds, they wandered their way down to Fall Creek and a wooden dock that went out over the water. Praise God for their mothers who were right in determining where they had gone, for no telling what trouble awaited them in the murky waters. Don't you wish you'd seen their mother's faces when they caught them?

There were trips to Uncle Ray's dairy farm. The station wagon was filled with the Reuter children, and there was always room for the Neil children too. It was a world with animals, barns and hay, chicken coups, cousins, and lots of fresh foods. The best part was the love and laughter shared with the Reuters.

As Justin and Paula grew up, they went their separate ways, but there was always a silver thread between them. Justin and his brother, Philip, became firefighters in Indianapolis, as did Paula's brother, cousin, and brother-in-law. Throughout the years, Paula would see the Reuters and her love and fondness, most especially for Mr. and Mrs. Reuter, never ceased.

Paula now lives in Arizona, and on June 11th of this year, she went to Indianapolis to visit her family and a very special person, Mrs. Reuter. Justin lived in Florida and was in Indianapolis as a counselor for Brave Hearts' Burn Camp, a week long encounter for children who had survived traumatic burns. Justin and Paula decided to surprise his mother with a visit. She still lives in the same two bedroom home that her beloved Jut bought her 70 years ago as his bride. Now, 55 years later in the same house, where children witnessed love in marriage, Justin and Paula held hands and looked into each others eyes. With Mrs. Reuter witnessing, they realized the love God had designed for them.

Teddy's face!!

New adventures await them! They are so thankful to God for giving them the first and last parts of their lives together.

Peace, joy and love be with you!

Written by the brand new Mrs. Paula Neil Reuter


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