Siri Speaks On Apple's Slavery Scandal

You know how you scroll through your FB feed and read a disturbing meme, give it a few seconds thought, shrug, and move on? know...the toddler just pooped her pants, or your coffee mug is now empty and screaming for a refill.


Just me?

Well, I’m not always that way. Sometimes, a meme bothers my conscience so much that I need to pause and start researching for myself (that’s key: RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!).

Today, the meme was this, courtesy of my friend Wren:

Now, my phone is a foot away from me. I glance at it. I frown. Are you a source of modern day slavery, I wonder. Do I really want you to answer me? Siri? Can you tell me?

I explained to Siri that our conversation would be on the record and I would make sure my readers were given all the information. As you can see, she agreed to the interview.

Siri and Gia:

Yes, Roger made Siri call me "The Doctor" and I don't know how to change it...

I ask one more time and she finally gives me some headlines that relate to the question, but she seems really ticked off about it.

 But then I discover more headlines that I want to ask Siri about. Who better than Siri to be the voice of Apple, right? Surely she knows the answers. 

Listen, all joking aside, this is a serious matter and it's something that the average American needs to be aware of so we can actively change it. Boycotts aren't going to work, or work overly well. After all, are you honestly going to throw out your iPhone? Me neither. Besides, Samsung is guilty of similar atrocities. Almost every major corporation in this nation exploits and benefits from modern-day slavery in one form or another. It's all about money. How can they get the cheapest materials? How can they get them in the cheapest way? And who is going to stop them?

The government should. And we're the ones that need to MAKE the government do so. It's our government, after all. 

Know Who The Corrupt Are: 

Here is list of well known companies in the United States profiting from modern-day slavery:

1. Apple
2. Nike
3. Motorola
4. Hershey's
5. Forever 21
6. The U.S. Department of Defense (yep...)
7. Macy's
8. Walmart
9. The tobacco industry
10. Chiquita

That's just the start of a list to learn from. 

Also, click here to find out how big your slavery footprint is based on your consumer choices. 

I don't have any real answer as to how to stop this, friends, but we've gotta do something. It's easy to shrug it off because we cannot physically see with our own eyes the faces of those that are most affected by what should be and NEEDS to be criminal activity. 

So let's make it a criminal activity. 

Let's force our government to start listening. 

Let's elect officials that aren't going to be swayed and hushed by money and lobbyist that are shills for these companies. 

Let's get this nation cleaned up and these companies towing the line. 

Stand up, guys! Be loud. Be consistent. Be mean and tough and start making plans. Start conversations with friends and loved ones. Research human trafficking and modern day slavery. See the faces of those affected. Read about the children suffering...

And start a freaking revolution!



One last thing...

It occurred to me that perhaps Siri had a reason she couldn't be frank in our interview, so I asked her one last question and her response is telling:

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