Happy Birthday, Theodore Clash

 Eight years ago...

I shared a post yesterday from eight years ago--about how I was excited about the doctor's appointment the next day. I had been contracting for well over a month and was miserable. The following day, I went in for a stress test and laid back in a leather, comfy chair and drank juice and ate crackers while my stomach liked to squeeze the breath out of me. "Okay!" The nurse said, popping her head into the room. "You get to have a baby today!"

That's always a surreal thing--knowing that by the day's end, you will be holding the life that's been inside you. You will hold that life in your arms and feel it's skin against your own. You will feel it's breath on your cheek and be able to finally look into those eyes you've been wondering about for so long. It's always surprise--the feel of the soft body and heavenly smell on the top of their head.

Giving birth is magical.


 I remember having Roger look up when the nearest Arby's would be closing and deciding that I had to have Teddy pushed out by then because I was starving. Guess what? He did not cooperate. It was at about 11:40pm that he was finally born. The first thing I saw was a wide arc of urine that streamed up and into the doctor's face. That boy yelled and screamed louder than any of my babies. My aunt and brother in the waiting room said they could hear him. He was red-faced...and had a head full of RED HAIR!

Of all the things I had been anticipating, red hair had never been a blip on my radar.  He was feisty and screamed and wanted food immediately.

Theodore Clash Cooper.

Your children are never quite like you imagined. Ever. They come out into this world as their own person with their own personality and their own ideas. You can pretend and plan and carefully study on parenting and mothering and raising daughters or sons...

But then you get this tiny bundle that has red hair and screams like a banshee...yet who calms at the warmth of his mother's arms. 

Teddy is a my little warrior between a sensitive artist and a warrior in training--London's eyes always on her big brother and arms and legs ready to mimic his every move. He wants to walk in his daddy's footsteps, but only so far. After a while, Teddy decides to do his own thing. Like music. When it comes to music, Teddy (for now) just wants to stand by his daddy and strum his guitar and lead the other band boys like daddy. But he doesn't want to sing because it gives him "stage fear". He has a list of strange OCD quirks that like to drive his daddy nuts. He cannot move quickly unless he wants to. Once he gets focused on something, it's hell or high water that will tear him away and nothing else. He is highly creative, wildly imaginative, and likes to talk...slooooooowly. You can see the wheels always turning behind his grey-blue eyes.

Today, I want to take a moment and thank my heavenly Father for blessing me abundantly. I cried and begged for my children--the children I once thought I would never have. He blessed me with a light, a gift, and a vision.

I am their mother.

And today, the 26th of September, I am the woman that became forever and always Theodore Clash's mother. I couldn't be more honored.


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