Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! :: From The Beginning

The first time I had coffee, I was a very small girl on my grandparent's front porch. Since my arrival into the world (because I'm the very first grandchild) my grandfather has had a moment when he's sipping his coffee and looking down at whichever grandchild happens to be the newest at his feet (in this story, it's me...duh). A mischievous smile unfurls across his lips and he asks, "Want to try some coffee? It's real good!"

And, of course, we do (I do).

"Yuck!" I remember saying as I spat and sputtered. "Tastes like dirt!"

And he laughed and laughed, still does. He's the best, ornery man in the universe! London is the only grandchild I know that has sipped his coffee with clenched fists as if it were juice from God himself. But of course, she has his mischievous streak down pat. She's giving him a run for his money!

I never really enjoyed hot drinks. I didn't like tea too much and I HATED coffee. The first time I can recall having it as an adult, was the night in March of '03 during the first 24 hours of Operation Iraqi Freedom. One of our helicopters had crashed, killing everyone aboard. My phone was ringing off the hook all night long with frightened parents and girlfriends and siblings, all wanting to know if their Marine was still alive. My sister-in-law made a big pot of coffee and forced me to drink as much of it as I could.

My hair hurt.

My teeth were buzzing.

I felt like I was going to puke...

I didn't drink it again.

Well, until years later when I had to stay up to meet an editing deadline. I drank coffee early in the morning and the world began to hum with electricity. I kid you not, I could hear the blood rushing through all of my veins. I think I might have puked...but I don't remember much other than crawling on the floor to try to keep it from spinning.

I didn't drink it again. 

Well, until I had Teddy. Sometime after he was born, I began to drink coffee. I drank it sweet with sugar and cream. It was pretty much white coffee. Then, as the years went on, I put less and less sweets in my coffee until I was drinking it black...

And, at some point, I realized that coffee was a hard drug. It had made me an addict. I thought about coffee at night when it was time to go to bed, excited that even though the morning would be rough and I'd be tired, there would be coffee to embrace me.

"Gia's Brain On Coffee", circa 2012

I was obsessed.

Still am I suppose.

But goodness sakes!

I don't mind being a coffee addict.

So here is a coffee to ode. ode to coffee (I need coffee).

Oh! And you know what, I am pretty sure that this shared love makes me my grandpa's favorite.

Totally does.



  1. It has to be 60 below and then I might try some hot chocolate other than that nope nothing hot. And I unless she has adapted like you to the stuff your mother didn't drink the stuff either..:/ I hear it turns your hair

    1. Grandpa has always said it's the key to good looks. Mom drinks hot Earl Grey.

  2. Well some of us that don't drink it aren't aging too Is that a Tea or coffee.. I don't drink either..

  3. Well I knew there was a tea, but with everything they come out with these days I never know. Neither are in the grocery isles I