Today was chaos.

Today was the day that people were grumpy. Sleep was missing. Bellies ached. Attitudes were sour. Screaming was done. Crying commensed. Babies screamed as if being slaughtered in the bathroom because they couldn't poop. Lessons couldn't be heard because of the crying, the screaming toddler, the aches and the pains, the headaches and the fire breathing dragons.

There was no fire breathing dragon.

But I felt like one.

I wanted to just push the pause button and crawl back into bed.

Or pretend to be Courtney Love for five minutes and smoke an entire carton of cigarettes and drain all the bourbon in the world (so gross, but I had the bad mascara for it).

Today was not my best.

Today was not their best.

And I am tired.

In a little more than an hour, the house will be full of company and mouths to feed. There will be no fire breathing dragon. Everyone will paste on smiles and be on their best behavior, or try very hard to be.

But today, and this week, and the next few weeks, feel overwhelming.

And sometimes, you just need to push pause...

And go to sleep.

Today was chaos.

Tomorrow will be better.

It will get better. 


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