Are You Difficult? Too Much? Too Mouthy? Good.

I get deleted a lot on social media. Usually by men. Usually by men I actually know and counted as friends. Today, I finally realized who deleted me this week when I posted about feminism and the DAPL.


Dang. He was a pretty rad dude.

But here's the thing. This is my tough time. This is my extremely difficult time. And not just for me, but for our nation. I have the opportunity to try to speak out and change things. Something. Anything. Nothing at all. I don't know. But what good does it do to be silent?

I don't intend to be quiet on issues that matter.

I will not suddenly decide to be silent and submissive.

I will be a lion.

Goodness sakes.

There are a few times when I pause and consider the embarassment I might be in other people's eyes--how they shake their head and sadly say, "Poor, poor Roger."

Oh well.

My funeral will at least be interesting.


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