Ain't Nobody Got Time For What?

There's a lot of things at once.

There's articles, research, pitches, coffee art to make, orders to assemble and ship, paintings to make, photos to edit...

And somewhere in all of that, reading to do with the kid's outside of school...

And a bathtub to scrub and an upstairs to build.

There is not enough coffee. Just not enough.

Yet, if you get enough coffee, your teeth begin to hum and your heartbeat pounds in your temple.

If you find the time to read aloud for bedtime, the kids don't want to do it.

And when you thought you had the toddler potty-trained, she tells you otherwise with puddles of pee and pants full of poop.

There's a lot of things at once.

And "once" is spread across the next few weeks as lavishly and without any an old pious woman spreading jam on a scone.


I want scones.

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