A Dream Catcher Monday

This is/was a good Monday.

There was only a little poop involved. As London screamed, "It hurts, mama! It hurts!" I carried her arms length in a sprint to the toilet. Almost made it. Not so bad. There was a moment in the afternoon when something brown was smeared down my thigh. It was chocolate. I even tasted it...AFTER I smelled it.

School was completed with minor growling from my wolf children. Teddy seems to think he's the leader of the pack, but I always set him right. The boy is learning that mama's growl is the worst.

Lucy managed to not cover every surface with fingernail polish while waiting between lessons. She didn't use an entire roll of toilet paper to remove globs of mascara she tried to sneak on. She only used a tiny amount of toilet paper, didn't leave it in the floor, and did a decent job sneaking the mascara on.

Not too bad.

Two dream catchers were made. Laundry was washed and now sits in piles on my bedroom floor, waiting to be folded (why isn't there a machine for THAT yet???) and at least one cup of coffee was enjoyed while it was still semi-hot.

Friends, it was a good Monday. It was a decent Monday. It was not-so-bad Monday.

I shall take it.

And here is a round of new dream catchers located over on the Etsy site. ENJOY!


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