Thought Dump

I am dumping these words here because weariness has begun to devour my brain like some sort of nasty zombie. I still have no content worth blogging, but I am NOT going to fall behind on this 90 day challenge.

It has been a very long day. We climbed into bed at three in the morning and awoke to my mom bringing the other children home around eight o'clock. I thought we might all just take it easy and sleep, but the only one that slept was London. Lucy and Teddy vegged out on the couches and watched Saved By The Bell. All. Day. Long.

And that's okay by me.

I couldn't sleep though. I couldn't write. I kept thinking of things that I could possibly write about, yet the idea of forming well written sentences just seemed impossibly daunting. So I watched House of Cards and crocheted. Because creating pretty things when I am overwhelmed is what I do. It gives me something to focus on. It gives me a way to feel like I have a bit of control over my lopsided world...

So I made this:

I need a tinier hook!
And afterwards, I tried to straighten the house and make dinner. However, there has been this stupid little rain cloud over my head all day. I don't know if it is just because I am sleepy or worried. It felt like more than that. I felt very, very, very...useless and sad. At one point, while I was trying to eat my dinner, London came up to me and stretched out her arms and kept shouting something at me. I wasn't listening. Eventually, she started screaming louder and I looked down at her. She smiled and said, "Hold me, Super Hero!! Hold me, Super Hero!"

I blinked. "Super hero?

She smiled even bigger. "Yes! Super Hero! I hold you!"

And I scooped her up.

Whatever, child.

But I will take the compliment anyway.

Because I needed it.


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