There Are Days When... :: Ramblings

 There are days when you champion for all the hurting people...all the people that are being oppressed and mistreated.

There are days when you take showers and are nearly finished when you suddenly become aware that there has been a very large, soggy spider at your feet the entire time.

There are days when you try to text all the tender-hearted people in your life to make sure they know you were thinking about them and that you love them; you make sure they're hanging in there and keeping their chin up.

There are days when you get really mad a strangers for refusing to accept the truth that there were in fact black lawyers and black doctors and black teachers and professors BEFORE the Civil War.

There are days when you want to hide under a rock and shut the whole, giant, big ugly world out.

There are days when Teddy cannot make head nor tails of Fahrenheit versus Celsius and declares it is because, "I suffer from almost No Term Memory!"

There are days that weigh a lot, and there are days that practically see you floating along...

And then there are days where there are happy little clouds among the rainclouds, and happy little trees hidden among the dead ones.



But how beautiful it is.

Even with the good and the bad, and the struggle and the pain. 


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