Pro-Life Needs To Mean More

Being pro-life needs to be spoken more in conversation, but not only under the light of abortion and reproductive rights. It also needs to be spoken about in the broader conversation of human life after conception and birth. What does it truly mean to be pro-life? And how should that effect us when we vote for our government officials?

I grew up in a deeply conservative, Republican, charismatic, Evangelical Christian community. All my life, I have heard about voting pro-life as a means of ending legal abortion within the United States. I’ve so often heard that abortions are the reason that bad things happen to Americans—because we have done such an evil that we deserve the wrath of God. Legalizeing abortion meant that as a collective whole, we had turned our backs on God.

Let me first clarify the reason that abortion is on my mind today. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through writing a new manuscript. At 65k words, I had to pause and research abortions in the deep south during the 1920’s when abortions were illegal everywhere. Now, I wont say if my character ends up following through on the abortion (spoiler alert!), but it is a key moment in the story line—the emotional apex and moment of truth and change within this young character’s life. It’s rather intense.

So this got me thinking deeply about abortion, and I don’t think Christians think deeply about it enough. Is that an unfair statement? Maybe. But I think too often it’s a vague notion to us. We paint broadly with our moral brush without asking those that have considered abortions, or undergone abortions what their story was. What led them to that moment? What caused them to undergo the procedure or walk away from the choice?

Being pro-life needs to take into consideration that there are people behind these stories of abortion. Does it justify the choice? Not always. Maybe never. But I’ve not spoken personally to all these women. The fact remains, if abortion were to become illegal tomorrow, they would happen underground. They will not stop. There will still be hundreds and thousands of hurting women that seek them out.

Here is the big deal: being pro-life means something more than the abortion. It must mean something more. If it is only about the loss of a baby’s life, then we fail the moral litmus test. It must also include all humanity, all life, born and unborn. We must care for and love and value all human life. We must take care of those in poverty and those without hope. We need to talk about sexuality and educate our children on desire and healthy relationships. We need to raise our children with the idea what everyone matters, that everyone deserves love, that all people are equal. If we don’t do that, we continue to breed a system and environment in which the need for abortions exists.

You see, it is not abortion that is the biggest problem, but rather us. We create the need and desire for such loss of life. We need to change that…

We need to change us…

Not the hurting women.

Promote life, friends. Promise life for the unborn and the born.

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