Poop, Pee, and Our First Day of School!!

Everyone was so excited. They couldn't wait for school to start. That's how you know it probably isn't going to go that well.

We wake up and Lucy's eyes are rimmed in red. For a moment, I think she has blackened eyes. They are puffy and awful looking. It's just a side affect of the medication and awful sleep. She's always tired these days. So, it is not surprising that she began to meltdown before we even started a single lesson.

It took until about 10:30 for things to calm down. I held Lucy for a little while and reminded her that I love her. She cried and said she was sorry...

Goodness, I hate to see her dealing with all of this. She's a sweet girl. She deserves peace of mind and spirit.

I start leading Lucy through a few lessons and Teddy is working with clay on the front porch. Teddy screams for me and says, "Mommy, London took off her pants and pooped everywhere!"

Yay! The day is going great!

So I clean the little stinker up and then she pees in her pants. Twice.

And we just try to power through the day, pausing for pizza breaks, coffee breaks, and potty breaks (London never did pause for the potty break). 


Teddy found it difficult to concentrate with London in his booty. To be fair, she lost her balance and toppled over and couldn't get back up.

"So, uh, hey mommy. I know that it's been a rough day with me peeing and pooping everywhere but the toilet, but I'm tired and won't stop screaming until you've let me inside your shirt like a kangaroo.


Great first day.


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