Nothing To See Here Folks

This weekend has been a doosey. I had plans. We were going to paint the dining room and Roger was making a new table--long and narrow--that would best fit our family's needs. We were moving furniture around to get ready for school that starts on the 22nd, but none of that happened.

Lucy's medication has been leaving her very ill. Getting in the car to run errands seems to exasperate it. We are trying many things in order to try to stave the symptoms: ginger chews, Hemp oil, pills you drop under the tongue for nausea, ginger tea. We're going to order CBD oil in hopes that it actually does the trick, because so far, nothing is working.

So here we are. It's dinner time on Sunday evening and she finally got her second wind and we're having her favorite food for dinner: spaghetti tacos. But though the wooziness is finally gone, she is emotional and irritable and frustrated with anything that breathes and moves. I suspect that if we human weren't around, the inanimate things around her would become as irritating to her as us. I'd be more than happy to switch places. I can be the couch for a while. Or my bed! :P

Bless her heart.

So nothing exciting to blog about. No entertaining content. No tidbits of interesting information or facts. And lucky for you, none of my personal thoughts and opinions.

So as I stated already...

Nothing to see here, folks.

Oh, but here's what I'm reading these days:



  1. Prayers for this dear sweet child and your family even more so than I have for years. God bless.