Miss Sarah :: The Princess

Tonight, I worked with this beautiful and spunky little senior, class of '17. Sarah just had a major spinal surgery and is one incredibly strong young lady.

I asked her mom what Sarah's hobbies were. She loves music and artsy things and wants to become an interior designer. I asked what her style would be described as and she said bohemian.

Say what? 

She's after my heart! Boho chicks are the coolest!

Before the session, I walked around the house and tried to look for props that might be a little "boho" and I'm not certain as to why, but I snatched up the tea-stained flag. Sarah rocked it (we were VERY careful to handle it respectfully, just FYI). 

And, of course, I like weeds and Sarah didn't mind posing in the weeds with Queen Anne's Lace framing her on the right. That looks about as vintage Americana as you can get. I love it!

Look at those beautiful eyes! I kept going on and on about how cute she is. I'm sure she was more than a little creeped out. Hey, whatever it takes to distract the young lady from the old lady with the camera that's sweating and keeps getting bitten by sweat bees. And can we talk about the frogs?!

Alright, alright. I got a little "preachy" with Sarah at one point. As I was walking out the door, I snatched up the kintsugi mug. I explained to her that growing up can be REALLY hard and sometimes it's difficult to keep hold of our faith. So, when that starts to happen--when you start to want to turn away from God and give up--you have coffee or tea and ask God to sit with you. Anytime you do this, a sweet presence and peace will wash over you. Yet, still, life can be hard. Life can still tarnish the promises God weaves through our lives, it can still steal our happiness and leave us feeling broken. I explained to her about my promise mug (teapot) that has the crack in it and told her about the incredible Japanese art of Kintsugi. I had her sit and hold the cup and I took her portrait. Hopefully, she will remember this photo and what it means years from now when she feels broken and empty.

There is still beauty.

There is still hope.

There is still the promise of God's love in the dark, painful moments...

I hope she never forgets my silly story.

Sarah, in Hebrew your name means Princess. I believe that that's how The Lord sees you. You, my dear, are His princess. You make Him smile. He shows you off...marveling over the beauty that you, his precious daughter, are to Him.

You are deeply loved. Perfectly made.

To God the Father, no one could ever replace you.

You will leave this world more beautiful. 


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