Gia's British Shenanigans

I've never seen the movie Bad Moms, but I imagine I could have been an extra in the flick this past weekend. Don't believe me? Well, if you look back closely at my posting schedule, I missed a day. I flat out fell off the writing wagon and missed an entire day in this 90 day challenge. Not only that, by the one before this, was written by Roger.


I cheated.

But why, Gia?

Well, if you're a homeschooling mother and life has been particularly tense, don't make stupid decisions such as listening to your husband when he sends you out for the evening. It doesn't matter that it's a place that has books, because they also have brews. And it doesn't matter if you go out with your baby brother...

Trouble can still happen. 

What kind of trouble?


With a terrible British accent for two and a half hours. 

Whatever. I don't care if it was terrible, it was beautiful as well.

 I have to admit that I woke up Saturday feeling feisty and up for adventure. Whenever I feel that way again, I am going to smother it with a pillow.

Honestly, Books & Brews was one of the coolest places I've been to in a while. It had this rad Harry Potter theme going on. 

Book themed brews. Amazing. That one Augusts Guys thing...

Yeah, that's the one I had. 

They're marveling over how great our buddy, Tommy sings. 

And this is our buddy, Tommy. He is pretty rad. He even spontaneously wrote us a song about Beyonce. We laughed. We cheered. We made all the noise in support and encouragement. I did so with my lovely and beautiful British accent. 

Shut up, Taylor.

The coolest thing about this place was that there were all kinds of board games to play. I hadn't played LIFE since I was a kid and was super excited to play it again. If Taylor and Matthew were unhappy about it, it was their own fault. They told me I could choose whatever I wanted. 

"Taylor and Loni, sitting in a tree.." 

Matthew wasn't happy about his paycheck as a doctor...

But me? Well, I don't know what I'm teaching, but I had a pretty great payday. 

Then, Loni and Taylor had a baby boy. I don't know what they named it. It was precious, though. 

Matthew had all the bad luck. Probably, he got sued or labeled a "quack"...

So upset. :)

Look at all my good luck!!!

Until Taylor stole me income card and gave me her lousy one as a professional athlete. 

While Taylor and I went up to see the books in the loft, Matthew packed up our game we were only half way though. I never even got to marry anyone or have kids.


So my accent got worse and I made even more commotion. After that, the waitresses came over to our table, all somber and serious and told us they needed to speak to us. I pouted a little, certain I'd gotten us kicked out. However, it turns out, they wanted  us to know we needed to become regulars.

But I won't.

Because I am 34 years old. I have three beautiful children....

And I cannot keep up with wild shenanigans. 

Oh! And in LIFE, I one $150,000 for writing won of "America's Best Selling Novels."  I thought that was a little cheap, though.

I also met several people who knew Roger. I tried to make a good first impression. I did. Good or bad, they certainly won't forget me.

Now I become a hermit. 


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