Electronic Pop From 1959?

So, I’m writing and I have this bizarre cast of characters of old women in the deep south. They all have their peculiarities, but one in particular (Stella) has a penchant for electronic music and modern art. Now, this book is set in two time periods: 1963 when these ladies are in their golden years, and 1923 when they are eighteen years old. It’s quite a story in two exciting decades.

Anyway, in one scene, I needed to find some odd music for 1963 Stella to be playing from a hifi in her home-based hair salon. I did a quick google search and started listening to various electronic music ranging from the years 1950-1960 and came across a rather peculiar man—peculiar enough to match Stella.

Meet Jean-Jacques Perrey. He was born on January 20, 1929 and is still living at 87 years. He is from Paris, France and specializes in synthesizer and ondioline. Before Perrey found music, he was in medical school. Odd jump there, right?

At age 30, Perrey moved to New York and began working steadily on creating his new and adventurous sound. He recorded various environmental sounds and recorded it all with scissors, splicing tape and a tape recorder. I mean, if you want to chase your dreams, you just gotta make them happen, right? He was clearly motivated. Today, Perrey is best known as the father of electronic pop. Perhaps the most interesting information I found was how he once recorded a version of The Flight Of The Bubble Bee using the sounds of actual bees.


That sounds like something Stella would listen to. And apparently, London too.


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