Conversations With "The Clash" and Hagrid

Teddy: Mommy, write this down. Got it? How do you know black people are bad?

Me: What? I don't know that. I don't think that.

Teddy: It isn't for you. Listen, ask the people why they think that? No one asks to be white or black. Black people are good. There are white people that are good and white people that are bad.

Lucy: If you say white people are bad, they are going to be mad.

Teddy: Delete what I said, Mommy. People have control over their own bodies. They can be good and bad. White people do not have the color of skin that can do zero bad.

Lucy: Everyone is bad a little bit, sometimes, Bubba.

Teddy: Well, I know that.

**Then Teddy "stabbed Lucy with a pencil" as she dramatically declared.**

Me: Teddy, we all make mistakes, no matter what color of skin we have. Clearly. You just made a very bad decision.

Teddy: I didn't mean to!

Me: You weren't thinking. But listen to me, we all need to love and respect one another no matter what skin color we have. We are all human. We all have feelings and dreams and pain. We need to learn to listen to each others stories...

Then we spoke at length about Hagrid from Harry Potter. Teddy and I imagined how startling he would have appeared if we met him when Harry did. He is a giant, you see, and his size and appearance might have been off-putting. But Hagrid was/is Teddy's favorite and most loveable character.

We spoke about Snape and how we were led to believe he was a bad guy through the whole book, but it ended up that he saved Harry Potter's life, sacrificed himself, and had loved Harry's mother...always.

And Dobby. Oh, Dobby. What an ugly looking creature with a heart of gold.

These were our mid-morning school break meanderings.

I hope they bless your heart.

Love people.

Love them and hear their stories.


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