Busy, Busy Weekend

With Lucy's illness, the stress and urgency to finish our gutted upstairs has become... well, urgent. She needs to get into her own room where she can decompress when her emotions begin to deteriorate and a spiral is possible. She needs a private space where siblings cannot bother her, and where she can create and find some solace. It has always been our goal to finish this old house into the Time Traveler Home we intended it to be, but one financial upset after another seems to be our lot in life...

At the moment.

We have hope. There is always hope.

So, as we wait and pray and try to figure out how to finish the upstairs, we make the parts of the downstairs a little homier---change them up from time-to-time. You remember how I said that I often create things when I feel that there is no way to control my life? Well, the same goes with adjusting things in the house. Whenever I have the opportunity, I buy a houseplant or a new blanket. Pillows! I LOVE pillows!

Recently, my aunt had two gallons of paint she didn't need and I said I would be happy to take them off her hands. She said it was "grey" but I am pretty sure this is a white color. I've always been a "bright" and "colorful" person, but lately I've wanted to switch everything over to white for a boho look. This is also why I keep buying houseplants.

Anyway, today, Roger and I painted the dining room walls white and he built a tabletop to my specifications. He's a pretty rad guy (I know he will read this)! I asked for something simple--long and narrow that I could slide stools up underneath to save room. The only thing we are currently waiting on is the table legs that we have to order.

Here's the result so far:

The table legs will be wrought iron hairpin legs. I think it will look industrial since we didn't stain the wood and only put a coat of poly on it. I have a huge ornate frame that I plan to mount a mirror in and hang it where my feather dream catcher currently is. A nice rug underneath will be pretty cool too...but I have to wait until I find the best one. Oh, we also have to buy a bit of baseboard for the part that is missing. Apparently, before we bought the house, they had removed some baseboard for a corner cabinet.

The other side with the hifi and phonograph...and, of course, books.

I ALMOST thought I'd pack up my antique dolls that everyone makes fun of, but decided against it. They might be creepy as all get out, but they remind me of Little Women--one of my most favorite books, movies and memories.

I cannot wait to finish that room up and paint the living room too. The little things can keep me occupied while we wait for God to supply a way for the upstairs. And--oh goodness!--that is a major stress, to be sure! In the meantime, I am looking forward to dinner around the table and board games. I love this tiny little home of ours. It looks just like us.


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