The Talented Music Duo and The Cooper Kids

 The past few days have been an adventure for the children. Teddy has told anyone that will listen that we are "hosting" some music friends. These are friends that daddy made his first year at Summer NAMM--Dillan Witherow and his beautiful lady pal, Abbygail. They are on a music tour and stopped through Indy for a few shows. Our house made a decent place to sleep and rest...

Or so they thought.

...Or so we hope. 

The thing about the Cooper children is that they LOVE to entertain. There were shows to be seen, of which Teddy waved the $1.00 entrance fee for anyone that lived in our house, or those that were being hosted in our house. He performed parkour tricks and magic tricks (until Mommy convinced him that they needed a moment to relax from his parkour) and even dug out his guitar to perform a jam session with Dillan. Teddy was pleased as punch when Dillan helped him strum along with him and make up a song about Teddy, The Hardcore Parkour Man. Lucy sang Zombie from The Cranberries in the other room in between filming videos of her brother and Dillan jamming. London waltzed around in her new panties eating potato chips...

And I just shrugged and explained that these children are just like their daddy. They love people. They love music. They love tricks. And they love to be in the spotlight.

This evening before Dillan and Abby started off toward Niagara Falls, they performed a song in our living room since the children and I didn't get to attend one of their shows. I couldn't take my eyes off Lucy and Teddy's faces. Teddy looked emotional and very serious. Lucy couldn't stop smiling--bashful and in awe. London danced a little before clinging to Teddy's arm as if to say, "ARE YOU HEARING THIS?! ISN'T IT 'MAZING?!"

Now the children are tucked into bed falling asleep to "their best friend's" (as Teddy now calls them) album. They're content. They're proud. They're so incredibly blessed...

We are blessed, indeed, when God connects us with beautiful human beings who love Him and love others in such a genuine way that they are able to make little children feel like family--like best friends. I don't think my littles will forget these past few days. I'm sure they've been inspired and will hide this away as a dream of their own to achieve. I am pretty sure Teddy is already praying that he will very soon get over his singing-in-front-of-people fear. Bless his heart. And Lucy? I am sure she will latch on to this CD like she has Adele and Lorde and practice mimicking Miss Abby's singing voice as she has done all the other female vocalist that inspire her.

Good luck on the rest of the tour, Dillan and Abby. I know God is smiling down upon you. You are making Him proud. You are spreading His love and passion...

And you're always welcome here at the Cooper home.

This quote rings true now that we've spent a bit of time with Dillan and Abby, and I know Abby will appreciate it:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
– C.S. Lewis


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