The Problem with "Speaking Truth In Love"

For years now, I have had Christians--pastors and leaders and deep theologians--give me the business about my advocacy for the homosexual and Muslim community. They repeatedly tell me that we must love them yes, but truly loving them is "speaking truth in love" so that they might not burn in hell for all eternally.

There's a few things wrong with this:

You Didn't Have Love To Begin With 
Speaking truth in love is a phrase some people use to barely mask the heart of the issue--bigotry, racism and homophobia. Why am I making such a harsh accusation? Because their Facebook posts in which I try to remind them to love those that are unlike them were empty of love to begin with. With that said, I hate getting that line thrown in my face. It's accusatory. It's blaming me for the loss of their eternal souls to torment. It's belittling and speaks of my lack of true knowledge of God's love and scripture...

But it is a lie.

I saw your angry Facebook status. I saw you speak harshly of homosexuals. I saw you mock Muslims and post about how we must be on our guard because their one desire is to kill us. I saw you poke fun of Allah. I noticed you're poorly disguised words about homosexuals...intolerance...political correctness...with disdain dripping from every typed letter. I am sure they saw it too. I am sure they wrote you off. You lost them. YOU. Not me.

Would this be similar to how Pharisees behaved? They had all the knowledge and "truth" after all.

Hell Is A Bad Motivator:
Using "hell" as your motivator falls short of Good News and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Using hell as your motivator is manipulative and uses fear as power. Using hell as your motivator keeps people from TRULY discovering the love of God that is unconditional and full of beauty. You are creating masses of sheep that will follow you because they are afraid, but they never end up discovering, or waking up, to the astounding depth of love their Father has for them.

I Am Doing It Just Fine:
So, friends, I am not part of the problem. I am not doing this wrong. Don't toss that line at me again to tear me down and rake me over the coals. This is not a good reason to kick people out of your circles and silence them. Take a really good look at this idea and be honest? Have you saved the souls of any homosexuals or Muslims this way? Or have you deepend the division between you and them? Are you actually letting your feelings and thoughts about who and what they are poison the potential love you could offer them? When is the last time you even forged friendships with these folks? You have to do more than post on FB. You have to...

I am so very tired of these games and school yard bullying...

Or would that be church yard bullying?

I don't know. But I'm tired of it.


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