Ten Things Teddy and Lucy Want You To Know:

NOTE: My children have been preoccupied with racial tensions in America. Roger and I have begun to explain racism to them and how it works so they can better understand current events. This is why Teddy answers almost all his questions circled around African Americans. Just so you know. 

What Do You Want The World To Know?

1. Stop killing black people. (T)

2. Puss and Boots is a funny cartoon and you should watch it. (T)

3. It's better to watch Puss and Boots than kill black people. (T)

4. Not just white people are good. Black people are good too.  (T)

5. Killing is not what God and Jesus wants us to do...and...wait, which one died for us, mommy? Jesus or God? WHICH ONE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US?! Oh, and Jesus died on the cross for us. (T)

6. You should be nice because that's what God wants. (L)

7. We should take care of the world by treating the plants nicely. (L)

8. LOVE!!! (L)

9. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Most people want to be treated nicely. (L)

10. Try to be funny because it makes other people happy. (L)

I asked London (my 2 year old) what she wanted the world to know. She grinned ear-to-ear and scrunched her body over in excitement and squealed, "I NURSE!!!!"

London was weaned after her second birthday, but to this day, breasts are still her most favorite thing in the world. Whenever she is sad or hurting or tired, she places her hand against me, lays her head on my chest, and she's safe and calm. I think that's biblical. God longs to draw us up into His bosom.

I mean...

I gotta make London's response deep, right?

But it's okay to laugh about it too. We all do in the Cooper home.


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