Super Amaze-Balls Dad

This is one of those days in the 90 day blogging challenge that the day slips away and I realize that I failed to write anything. I was getting ready for bed and gasped, turned horrified eyes on Roger and said, "I forgot to blog!" And he goes running around in a panic asking me where the notebook is.

So here we are.

He's sitting on the love seat leisurely perusing his Facebook feed on his phone and I am sitting here stress sweating, trying to figure out what to post.

Last weekend, I had this moment where I looked across the bed at Roger and as he tossed the decorative pillows off the bed in preparation to climb inside for the night, I told Roger, "This blogging everyday business is really hard. I never know what to write about!"

He cast this boyish grin across the bed and told me, "You should probably write about what an amazing dad I am. I mean, I built a dang trampoline in this heat."

I laughed, but Roger was right. Because of his deployment to the Middle East in 2003, Roger cannot tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature. I used to make fun of him for it, but I don't anymore. I've seen his physical reaction to it enough times now to realize that he's not being dramatic...

But when Lucy started anti-epileptic medications, we took her out of gymnastics while we increased her medication. This did nothing to help her emotional well-being. In response, my grandma bought Lucy a trampoline where she could practice her flips safely. In the 90+degree heat and near same humidity, Roger went and disassembled the trampoline downtown and came back and assembled it in our back yard. He never made a single complaint. He never lost his temper. He just kept plugging away, putting the pieces together, Lucy chatting a mile a minute, and put the whole dang thing together with sweat dripping off the tip of his nose....

And when it was finished, the kids jumped on it for maybe 5 minutes and then went inside claiming it was too hot...

So here I am. It's after ten at night. We have to get up super early to feed the homeless in the alley, and I am writing you to tell you what an amazing man I married. I chose him. I chose him because he had all the muscles and the Leo DiCaprio hair, and a beautiful smile. I married him because he snuggled me up and tended to me when my heart was broken. I married him because he was the only man I wanted to kiss and be with forever. I made three beautiful babies with him...

And he built a trampoline in the miserable, jungle-like, Indiana humidity.

Because he is amazing.


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