Pokemon Is Making Us Matter

 So there's this new phenomena where everyone is hitting the streets and using their phones to hunt and catch Pokemon. I heard about it first when my brother was walking around outside my house, sweating in the summer heat and staring at his phone. I thought perhaps he was just trying to get his steps in, but he tells me, "I gotta go by the post office. There's a Pokemon over there I'm trying to catch."


And that's how it started. That was less than a week ago. Now my news feed is blowing up with people talking about poke stops and hatching things. A friend posted a video of downtown Indy where groups of people were walking along the canal talking together, laughing together--strangers interacting!--and catching Pokemon.

How beautiful is that?

Right now our nation feels like it is suffering some major growing pangs. Everyone is fighting and marching and protesting and killing...

But there's Pokemon.

Pokemon matters right now because it makes us all matter. It causes us to interact with all different people, all genders, all races, gay and straight. No one cares. They just want to know where to find the next little monster and level up. People are helping one another with excitement. "There's one behind the bar!" or, "There's one behind that blue truck, yo!"

And it is absolutely beautiful.

I hadn't downloaded it on my phone. Truth be told, I don't get out of the house enough to make it worth it. I also didn't want to walk around in the heat and humidity. But today, while Lucy was getting set up for her 24 hour EEG at the hospital, we were curious if there would be any in her room. So...

I downloaded the blasted app.



Lucy giggled and I tried like the dickens to figure out how to throw the ball at it and catch the dang thing. We were both laughing by the time I caught it. I don't even know how to pronounce it's name.

After a while, Lucy gets tired and I can't help but wonder how many are in the halls and down by the cafeteria...

And I suddenly realize that I desperately need coffee and the nurse tells me there's a good coffee shop on the far side of the building...


And I fell into a Pokemon hole.

But I also found coffee.

On the way back up to the room, a black family gets in the elevator with me. The first thing I feel like doing is giving them each a hug because my heart has been heavy for their community and I've been shouting from the FB roof that #blacklivesmatter! But that would really weird them out. So I just stand there holding my coffee and two red velvet cookies as big as my face. As they step off the elevator, I notice once of the young ladies has the Pokemon app open on her phone. I smile ear-to-ear and shout after her, "Have fun catching 'em!!"

She laughs.

The elevator closes on me.

And I'm back in Lucy's room, excited to tell her about all the Pokemon that are all over Riley Hospital. 



  1. I ran on the canal yesterday. It was wild! I've never seen so many people, at first I thought it was another BLM rally! ��

    1. It's a pretty amazing thing to see unfold across our cities and towns. I love it! Whatever it takes to get us out into our community forging friendships with others.