Inviting God :: Wisdom From Mr. Wylie

 Years ago, my dear Tennessean friend, Mister Wylie, taught me about inviting God to share the little moments with me. If you read yesterday's post about promise tea, this idea of sitting down with God was something that grew out of long conversations with Mister Wylie on the porch of Cragfont and at his daughter Rachel's kitchen table well after dark.

God desires our company--that's why we are here. He loves us and wants to be near us. I am positive this is why we desire the company of those whom we love. It should come as no great surprise to us how it brightens God's heart when we ask if we can do simple things with him: have coffee, ride in the car, and even run...

I was delighted to open my email this morning and find my usual devotional written by Rachel where she wrote a lovely reminder of just that. In this story, Rachel writes about asking God if she can run with Him. I love the mental images this gives if God was already running, already wearing his jogging clothes and running shoes, sweating, heart thumping, hair in His eyes...

Please take the time to read Rachel's words here...and if you're a running, try asking your Father if you can run with him. You will be surprised by what happens.


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