Hottest Day in Indiana

 Here is proof that the moment you are in; the heat you are suffering at the moment; the trial you are currently suffering through, is not the worst thing ever:

July 14, 1936 was the hottest day in recorded history of the great state of Indiana at a whopping 116 degrees.

What about all fifty states?

California wins the prize when it topped 134 degrees on July 10, 1913 in Greenland Ranch.

Climates have gone through natural ebbs, as history shows us, but much of what we are experiencing now could have been and can still be prevented. It's pressing, indeed, because we live in a time that has a human population greater than any other time in history. If our climates begin to change and destroy the way some of us farm for food and gather water, humans will have to move in mass to find a better and more sustainable place to live. Imagine what that will look like? It would quickly become rather chaotic.

Right now, Syrians have had to undergo a historical migration from their homeland because of the destruction war has brought to their country. Many countries (America most especially) have scoffed at the idea of letting Syrians into their country for safety and a new life. Now imagine what would happen if other nationalities had to migrate away from their original homeland in order to survive and flourish?


War is what would happen.

This is why discussing climate change and the ways we can help make this change easier is so desperately important. If we cannot fathom the idea of allowing the masses into our country now, we must be willing to do the work to save our own resources and the resources of our neighbors.

We can make a difference.

Please take the time to read the articles linked throughout the text. Information helps when we are feeling doubtful about the truth of some topics. We need to make changes for the sake of our children and their future.

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