Boo Hoo

So how are we?

Has this been only one week of the 90 day blog challenge? Seems about right...

And I have nothing to talk about today. No encouraging words. Not even any angry words. I am tired. I am worn out. I am overwhelmed. I'm nervous about my daughter's healthcare and the ability to pay for all the coverage and tests and medications she needs...

And I am making a dream catcher for a client that ordered one out of nowhere. No big deal, because I certainly need the order if I'm going to make any money to help make ends meet. But I really don't feel like wrapping hemp around this dang hoop...



I have these two wonderful cats that we got for Lucy when she was starting to struggle and we didn't know what was going on. We thought they would help keep her calm and relaxed. For the most part, they did--or would--but her episodes just got worse and she spiraled more.

What's this have to do with the cats? Why are they on my mind today, of all days?

Well, these cats are super hero cats in which the only super power they have is the ability to poop and cause such a foul smell that it engulfs the ENTIRE house. And it doesn't smell like cat poop. It smells like human poop...and death.


And then there's something that died inside the refrigerator. I don't know what it is. I don't want to have to go in looking for it, but I cannot stand the smell any longer.

So what a day.

What a week.

What a smelly home.


Pity party, party of one.

That's me.


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  1. Here. I'll sit and wail with you. Then, of course, I'll remind you that smells fade, God provides and it's time to dust off and get on with it. But for now....dang the cats and the bills. 😫