When My Truth Looks Like Heresy :: Always His

I grew up hearing many people recount their salvation story as the moment they “gave their life” to Christ. I never thought a thing about it. But now, I’m wondering if we could change the way we communicate this beautiful moment.

God is the creator of all things on earth and in heaven. He is the image in Who our very being emulates. On us, in our flesh, upon our hearts, is the thumbprint of our Father. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that powerful?

And it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. You were still, and are still, made in His image. His handiwork doesn’t get chipped away because of our own personal darkness and wrong choices. It is still there. It’s just a little dusty. Or perhaps it is buried under a pile of mess. But it is still there…

So I have this question that screams within my heart:

Is our life ever so much our own that we have to give it back to God? Especially since his thumbprint if always upon us…?

I’m not sure it is. We have free will, yes. But does that change the truth of Who we belong to?

Here is an idea I propose:

Instead of saying that someone gave their life to God, can we try out the expression, “They were awakened to the love and grace of their Creator?”

I like that more.

We woke up.

We discovered the truth of His love.

We realized who we are in Him…

We discovered our identity.

I don’t think we are ever truly lost from God. I don’t think we are ever completely separated from Him because of our own darkness or sin. I think He is always there, always ready, always filled with a depth of love and compassion for us that we could never fathom or try to comprehend. Our life was never ours to give back. It was always His. We were always His. His eyes were always watchful of us and His love was always freely accessible. Did we have free will to choose or reject it? Absolutely. But it was there.

In my overly simplistic eyes, I picture this faulty expression as a child approaching it’s biological parents and saying, “I believe you love me now. I want to be your child.” And the parents taking the child up in their arms and answering, “I’m glad you finally believe that I love you, dear one, but you were always my child.”

No matter what, try as we might, we cannot remove the fact that God is our Father. We simply get to choose if we live believing that, or live rejecting that. But truth is still truth.  In the same way we cannot change who our biological parents are, we cannot change who our Creator is. We can change our last name. We can be adopted. But the DNA is still within us. We cannot remove that. We cannot hide it. We cannot run from it.

And before anyone beings to tell me that “giving your lives to God” is scriptural, I am aware. I just think we can translate it in a different way. I like this better. And I am a rebel…and can appear heretical. I’m okay with that. But isn't there more beauty in this idea? Isn't is such a loving, compassionate picture...a Heavenly Father that is always there and available to sweep us up in His arms the moment we stretch our arms to Him? Our arms aren't full with our lives, but empty and receiving. We are coming awake to His love and ready to accept it. There is nothing to give, only everything to accept.


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