The Clash's Report on The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad
by Theodore Cooper (a 6 year-old)

First, I am glad we are white people that are nice and we didn’t catch people and make them our slaves. If we lived then, and we hid black people, they would check every single house in Indiana to see if they were here…and then they would make them slaves again.

But…big Sissy kinda looks brown. Is that black? Is that the same?

A long time ago, slave ships took slaves here. I don’t remember what it was like on those ships. When they got here, they stayed here. They sold them. What does that mean? It means they sold them. Did you hear the air coming out of my mouth? That meant they sold them. Did the air sound like it said, “They sold them?” When I say they sold them, that means they sold them.

Life as a slave was hard because they were slaves. They were treated meanly. They got whacked with a whip when they stopped working. One whack with a whip would make me get moving alright, but instead, I would drop my stuff and run! But if I ran, they would chase me. And what would happen after they chased me? It would probably be bad.

Slaves wanted to escape so they could be free and have freedom. Freedom is something good which you can have. Your life would be betther—better—with freedom. They could get freedom at a place…at a place like Indiana. That’s where we live. They could get it here. For real.

Mommy, did you know that we need to let strangers that are walking far, far, far away—we need to let them stay in the house until the next morning?

The Underground Railroad worked by that girl—Harriet Tu….I just don’t know. She was a slave. She was a nice girl but having to be a slave. One day, she was working in the fields. Was she just a kid? She followed the North Star to get to freedom. She didn’t stay in freedom, she went back and got more people to take them to the freedom.

Slavery ended with George Washington’s statue.

I don’t know.

Nobody knows.

One thing that I do know is….it broke slavery. That’s all I know about it. So…..


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