A Report on Neil Armstrong by Theodore Cooper

Each week, the children and I read a new biography on a famous American. This week, I read one about Neil Armstrong. The kids LOVE this part of school. As I read to them and sip my coffee, they hunker down to the coffee table and color--sporadically interrupting with a bit of commentary or questions. When the book is all finished, we make a report to ensure they can tell me what happened in the book. Since Teddy is still in the process of learning to read and write, he dictates to me everything he remembers about the book and I type it for him. When it is finished, they get to turn it in to daddy. Theodore's reports never cease to be short of hilarious.

So, for your amusement, learn a bit about Neil Armstrong through the eyes of my 6 year-old son.

You're welcome.

My Report on Neil Armstrong
by Theodore Cooper

Neil Armstrong was an astronaut. He lived in the 1870's. He got trained by NASA. They made him go to the jungle to camp. They ate whatever they could find. I'm not sure why they made him do that.

Neil lived in a house. I don't know what state. He had a nice wife and kids. His house caught on fire. That happens when people don't like their house, but there is no reason you should burn it down. Right? Does a house just catch fire? They got out of the house and no one was hurt.

Neil had a daughter that died. He was very sad. I don't remember her name. Nelsie? Muffie? Muffie.

It was dangerous being an astronaut. He could have crashed on the moon. Do you think he was afraid? Probably. You have to be very gentle when you are close to planets. He ended up landing. Neil got out and said, "One step for Charles Lindberg!" On the moon he did fun things but dangerous things that only grown ups can do. You can't plant things on the moon. He left his ship though.

No one has been to the moon since. It is too dangerous. When he got back to Earth, he didn't get to see his family. They had to make sure he didn't take any germs from the moon. After that, he lived the rest of his life with somebody else. Not his wife. He was happy.


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