Shine A Light :: The Aftermath

Yesterday was an exciting day. I enjoyed seeing my facebook news feed fill up with fists marked with red Xs. People were changing their profile and cover photos, joining a world-wide event to shine a light on modern day slavery.

That was yesterday. Today, profile pictures are going back to normal. All besides my seven year-old daughter who woke up with a transferred red X on her cheek, our Xs are washed away. So what was the point, you might ask? The answer is easy.

Yesterday, there was at least one person who was not aware that there are more people in slavery today than before our nation fought the Civil War. The X'd fists and many links and posts for #enditmovement took countless people to new information that opened their eyes to how 27 million people are trapped in slavery TODAY.

I know my facebook posts and profile picture didn't actually free a single person yesterday (that I'm aware of) but it did raise awareness. The more that people are aware, the more the world starts to shout and rally, and the closer we get to bringing an injustice to an end. So maybe taking a red sharpie to your flesh seems a little silly, maybe it even seems foolishly insignificant, but never underestimate the power of opened eyes. Over the past few years, huge media outlets have joined in on the coalition to make a difference. Even CNN has gotten in on the movement. With rapid speed, the EnditMovement coalition has started a conversation that been buzzing everywhere. The more people that get on board, the more powerful organizations, the more grassroots we are in spreading the word, the more power that begins to get behind what was once only a buzz. When that happens, a real-life impact can take place. It already has. People are starting to work together to bring freedom to those trapped and unable to save themselves. That's power!

Even the tiniest things, or the smallest marks, can make a difference that spreads much farther than our little hometowns and communities. The EnditMovement and our red Xs can change lives...

For my little family, sporting a red X and talking about the EnditMovement has made an impression on my children's' hearts. Yesterday, Lucy wanted to do more than just wear an X. Lucy is 7 years-old but already understands the enormous power of social media. When she read about FashionbyMayhem, a 4 year-old little girl that makes paper dresses, she had an idea. "I want to make a paper dress with red Xs, Mommy, and post it on Facebook." she said. And we did. She gets it. Even the little things make a difference. Someone out there needs to know. And most importantly, Lucy 7 years-old. How much more emphatically compassionate will her heart be in ten more years? And ten years after that?

So keep up with the tiny little things. They make an impact. They really, truly do.


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