Stop Being Boring!

I fell asleep for half an hour before a wave of explosive, hacking coughs woke me up and nearly shattered my bones. It's been an hour and I haven't coughed, but my brain is turned on...and I am almost certain that MucinexDM could be a narcotic.

The thing about me and germs is that I don't handle them well. One teeny tiny little monster germ shoots out of my kids' noses and somehow gets up my own and mutates into something alien, devouring all my healthy Gia smarts. So over this past weekend, I've tried to stock up on "smart" while curling under blankets in the recliner and watching the History Channel, sipping tea with honey and creating a mini Mount Olympus out of used Kleenex.

History Channel overload + MucinexDM + the nap I had this afternoon + Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive" song on repeat in my brain = me thinking about Christianity at one in the morning.

I. Am. So. Weird.

But it is History Channel's fault. And Imagine Dragon's. And most definitely Mucinex's.

Putting blame aside, check out this trailer for History Channel's The Bible. Seriously, man! This looks hard core, amazing! I'm talking bossome right here.

Blood covered, sweaty, tough men with bruises and weapons in their hands. I mean, come on! That. Is. Amazing. Just watching the trailer gets my heart pumping. It's gonna be the type of thing that I watch and then want to go climb a mountain afterwards. My heart is going to be starved for adventure of my own. And this is when I stop and think, "Dude, what happened to us? When did living for and seeking God stop being an adventure? When did it get all churchy?"

In my sickly state, crouching under the covers on the couch, that little Norman Rockwell type painting of a little boy with hair slicked down the middle comes to mind. You know...the boy with his shirt tucked in his pants but a button undone. He has spit-shined his shoes but they are untied. That kind of boy. Suddenly, I picture his Granny yanking his sling shot out of his hand and telling him to sit still and be quiet in the church pew. She probably even hocked a loogie into the palm of her hand and rubbed it in the boys hair to get that stubborn Alfalfa cow-lick to stand down. Yuck, right? **Listen, I got mucus on the brain. Give me a break**

All that little boy wants is a little adventure. He can't even say Deuteronomy or Habakkuk without biting his tongue once or twice.

Then cut to a scene of Puritans with blood in their eyes, having a panic attack in a brown paper bag every time someone whispers about a 'witch' and the 'devil'...frightening, and burning, those that are different into submission...

Then fade to black before soft music and .............

Dude, what happened?

Them witches and granny's spit sucked the adventure right out of Jesus!

I think Jesus wants to bring the fun back to chasing after Him. I believe He wants us to be an exciting, passionate, creative people that capture the attention of the world. He doesn't want us warming pews at all times. He wants us to get up and get out. He wants us to change the world. And how are we supposed to do that when we are so mind-numbingly boring? Come on, guys!!! Get your fire back!


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