Light In The Darkness

 My first glimpse of a strip club was in an old Matlock episode in which my mother promptly changed the channel and said we couldn't watch that one. I was bummed. I loved watching Matlock, even if I only got to watch them when I was home sick from school. Who doesn't love Andy Griffith?

Tonight, I will be going into a strip club to (hopefully) get a change to share a bit of conversation with one of the ladies that work there--as fleeting as the conversation might be. I will be happy if she simply notices the pretty shade of my nail polish and I get to repay her with a compliment. Maybe the next time I go, she will ask me if I have children and I can rave about Lucy and Teddy, my dear ones, and she can share about her own waiting for her at home. Then one day, maybe I will get to share a bit more words with her, slowly building a relationship. Because what I really want to do is hold up a mirror before her and pray she sees the beautiful woman she is, full of worth and purpose, smiling back at her.

It isn't easy to bring light into the darkness, mostly because many of us are afraid of the dark. If we're afraid, we never enter with the light.

Oof. But perhaps that is a silly way of looking at it? Too simplified? But I think it is true--most especially with church people.

I was a little afraid to tell people I was going to join a ministry team that enters strip clubs every Monday night just to love on the ladies there. Somehow, it feels that doing this crosses some sort of line. Why not just wait for them to come out, or meet them before they go in? Why actually enter the club, expose yourself to the things you will see and hear? There has to be an easier, more...pure...way of reaching out to them.

Yet, it takes courage to follow someone into the unknown...a place that is 'off limits'. Wherever there is courage, those who witness it have a tendency to admire it. I guess I'm hoping that those within the club will secretly approve of the audacity it takes to walk into a 'den of iniquity' (*snickers* I just REALLY wanted to use that phrase)...and be a something a friend.  I'm sure they will laugh later about the Jesus girl that came in with her silly smile, little voice and nonsense about love, but I will have won their approval anyway. Hopefully. Maybe.

So this is the start of my little adventure. I have no idea what to expect. As far as tonight goes, I'm not sure I will get the chance to speak a full sentence to anyone. I know I will blush to the roots of my hair and avert my eyes more than once or twice; I might have a mini panic attack and inwardly rant that I had no purpose thinking I could do such a thing as being a bearer of unconditional love. But then I will come home, the Lord will breathe peace and joy back into my heart, and I will go again, shining a little brighter.

'Cause it's worth it. They're worth it. Whoever she is that I will meet tonight is worth it.

There are too many wounded people trying to survive in a world filled with darkness. Why not try to be a light to a few?


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