Blessed Are Those Who...Barely Keep It Together

I have this bizarre theory about why Eve may have been so easily swayed by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I mean, she had EVERYTHING! She had the perfect partner, all of her needs met, was basically queen of absolutely everything, AND she got to literally walk with God. She SAW her creator. There is no reason she should not have trusted and believed every single word He said. Right? But instead, she threw that all away and listened to a serpent.

But I think that Eve needed to be lost and then rescued. That's what I believe. Because as crazy as it might sound, I think we as humans and children of the Lord need to be rescued by Him. Growing up, it is easy (for those of us/you blessed with fathers that loved us) to believe our daddy will scoop us up when we were in danger, bandage up a scrapped knee when we fell down, or discipline us when we blatantly disobeyed, but lovingly restore us by holding us and wiping away the tears. He might whisper, "It's okay, baby girl. I love you. I forgive you. I'm still here." And something about the affectionate physical hold and those words...bonded us to our daddies all the more.

Here is the thing, in scripture, anyone worth their salt suffered--they didn't have an easy path. Some of them fell into sin, like King David, and others had misery inflected on them by Satan (like Job). Women that did great things for the Lord didn't have it easy, either. They had to walk in faith and courage and simply trust that God had their back--like Esther as she stood up to Haman, or Rahab as she tossed her scarlet cord out the window and waited to be rescued.

So I am a believer in suffering, in falling far from what you were meant to be simply to be rescued and restored, and/or facing a scary road and mustering for all the faith and courage you have even when there is no certainty that God is behind you. I believe that even the most fallen woman will see all the more just how amazing her Heavenly Father is and HOW GREAT HIS LOVE FOR HER is when she finally allows Him to rescue her.

When Eve's eyes were open to the good and the bad, it hurt. She was cast out of her home and had to face the payment of her disbelief. She worked hard just to stay alive. Seems pretty bad, right? But yet, God didn't reject her. He still loved her. He was there--just not literally walking beside her as He had before. Instead, faith was born. She had to believe that He WAS still there. When Eve's eyes were open, she saw the true heart of a father that will never turn His back on you even when you fail Him. Eve...grew up.

When storms come your way, hold on tight and smile at the ominous clouds about to swallow you up. Because each storm makes a more beautiful son or daughter in the end. You may not always feel God's presence, or even be certain His eyes are upon you at all, but He has promised never to forsake you. He IS there. And not only is He there, but He knows and trusts that the storm (or your mess up) is going to make you shine all the more.

Easier said that done. I know...

But a true story, none-the-less.

Trust that you are worthy of the magnitiude of the storm before you...and that you are strong and capable of hanging on...and being a superhero when the storm is at your back. ;P If you're barely holding it together, believe that you are about to become something strong.

"It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed." 
~Deuteronomy 31:8

~One Storm-Battered Gia

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