It's A Wonderful, Imperfect Life

I often dream that my teeth are falling out. Ever have that nightmare? Sometimes, in my dreams, I reach in and actually pull my teeth out, feeling a sense of relief when they are removed. I read somewhere that dreaming of your teeth falling out reveals that you are afraid of people seeing your imperfections. It baffles me that I should experience such a nightmare. After all, I do a pretty fantastic job at revealing my imperfections all on my own...on accident.

I am one of the top most imperfect people I know. I am not a perfect daughter, friend, wife or mother. I sometimes let my voice get much too loud when the children slam the door for the zillionth time, sending ornaments tumbling from the Christmas tree and books falling from the shelves. I shrink all of my husband's clothes and do not iron anything at all (but why bother when I already shrunk the shirts???). I don't always pick up the kitchen rugs when I sweep and mop--but just go around them. I don't shower everyday (though that's not always by choice).

So why not just be more open with our imperfections? Why not flaunt them like we would flaunt perfect, sculpted bodies if we had them (oh, don't be a know you would)?

Dude...I'm going to flaunt it like a peacock (yeah, that's the best I could come up with). Flaunt it like it's hot? Flaunt it like I've got it to flaunt??? Not any  better? Oh well. I will be more open with my crazy, chaotic life in all of it's glory, laughter, messes and beautiful imperfections. How much freer would we all be if we all simply raise our hand when people asked:

1. You poop
2. You've picked your nose
3. Passed gas
4. Belched like a linebacker

Those are just the top 4 for females. If you're a guy, I don't think this blog post applies to you. Men don't seem to cringe at imperfection--but more so embrace it (lucky butts).

For now, this is the introduction to a long line of imperfect confessions from a very imperfect, but bossome, woman. You've been warned.


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