Asian Chanakuh :: Sixth Night

Something my middle brother and I have in common is our love of history. Years ago, Jack discovered a lot about our heritage, and in the process, discovered that only two generations ago, we had practicing Jews in our lineage. Because of that discovery, Jack decided to practice as a Messianic Jew, himself. It has been an adjustment for the entire family, but I wholeheartedly support it. I love the history, the richness of the reasons behind each Jewish holiday and tradition. It has been a joy to listen to the Hebrew prayers, to enjoy Shabbot Shalom, and this year, a few nights of Chanukah. 

This past Thursday night, my brother and his wife came to our house with a box filled with ingredients for an Asian Chanukah meal: sobo noodles, soup, pot stickers and some sort of gooey dumpling thing. It was a little strange, but if you knew my brother well, you would understand that 'strange' is normal.

Being the typical sister, I sat at the kitchen table while my sister-in-law bustled in the kitchen, heating soup and pot stickers, while I slipped through one of the best magazines ever. Did you know that 2oo years after the Salem Witch Trials there was a vampire panic in New England? Really? I'm serious, there was. People started digging up all the dead people's graves, cutting their hearts out, burning them and eating the ashes. Pretty nasty, right? Also, Tom Sawyer was a real person--a firefighter that Mark Twain met while nursing a hangover. Figures. 


While Kari was cooking, Jack set up the menorah and blue and white candles. Roger and I are currently planning on purchasing our own menorah so that we can celebrate the full eight days of Chanukah next year. EIGHT DAYS OF PRESENTS!!! ;P

It is Jewish tradition that the women and little girls light the menorah candles. Lucy is in favor of this, while Teddy is a little sad he does not get to play with fire. However, he was an awesome little man and wore his kippah and watched with glowing eyes.

Like how I got all poetic right there? Yeah, I rock.

Teddy was impressed with Uncle Jack's Hebrew as he led in the prayers, first in Hebrew and second in English. Me? I tried not to snicker at all the hacking and spitting in the pronunciation. 

Teddy vouched to skip the Asian meal (but who can blame there was no ketchup). Instead, he filled up on all the chocolate coins he won in the game of Driedel (which, by the way, is Hebrew poker!). 

So, that's how our little family rocked the sixth day of Chanukah. It was a good time. On the eighth day, the family all packed into my little house again and we closed it out with presents, a turkey dinner, amazing latkes with spicy dipping sauce, and 3D TV. Once again, Teddy rocked his kippah while wearing superman pamjamas. The adults got a kick out of this--a throw back to Friends.


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