Our List For A Rockstar Marriage

Roger and Gia's List of 'Musts' To Make Your Marriage Rock

1. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
2. Be willing to start out dirt poor and sleep on an air mattress in a naked apartment.
3. Learn how to make chicken parm with Ramen noodles.
4. Know how to kiss goodbye.
5. Wipe her tears away with your thumb as you cup her face in your hands.
6. Drug her when she doesn't stop crying.
7. Learn to cook an awesome pot of chili...because chili is always good.
8. Discover what SHE likes...and like it.
9. Learn a few lyrics to his favorite songs. At least a few.
10. Change a big chunk of your music tastes to his...because dudes have the best music taste anyway.
11. Watch black and white movies together when the going gets really tough.
12. Pull the mattress into the living room and play video games all night...the kind where you shoot each other.
13. Get an Atari and play Super Breakout. It's vital to happiness.
14. Get kicked out of a night club together. Once or twice.
15. Work on the car when it breaks. It will make her proud of you.
16. Sometimes, men, fold the clothes.
17. Listen.
18. Be willing to fight, but more willing to see the fight through to a peaceful completion.
19. Under promise and over deliver.
20. You can't ever say 'maybe'.
21. Screw date night. (We didn't exactly mean that the way it sounds)
22. Learn to fall in love with coffee.
23. Praying for each other is way more important than praying with each other.
24. Encourage each other's God-given talents. Make it a top priority.
25. Never let the other person give up on their gifts.
26. Be a better version of yourselves with each passing anniversary.
27. Never let bedroom matters become routine and boring. No matter how many anniversaries have gone by.
28. Swing dance.
29. Sext. (Oh come off it. Only to each other...and only when you know no one else will ever see it)
30. For heaven's sake...remember your anniversary. Keep it like you keep Christmas.
31. Jesus might be the best thing that ever happened to you, but your spouse is the second best thing that ever happened to you.
33. Money doesn't begin and end all...and DOES NOT come between the two of you.
34. Fight for each other.
35. Be super heroes in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
36.  Share a cheeseburger and treat it as if it's the grandest meal you've ever had with the most important person you've ever known. And do it again when you're in your 80's.
37. Squeeze each others hand as a sign to say 'I love you' without anyone else knowing.
38. Make mistakes together.
39. Be imperfect together.
40. If you're going to behave in a dreadful manner, make sure it's with your spouse because they might be the only ones to forgive you.
41. Drive with the windows down blasting rock music through the mountains.
42. Learn to be gentle.
43. Snuggle in the recliner and watch dumb TV.
44. Play board games and get competitive about it...WANT to beat them.
45. Fullfill childhood dreams together.
46. When life gives you lemons, ask to speak to life's manager.
47. Go mattress shopping.
48. When you do happen to have date night, be like teenagers about it...which brings me to the next one...
49. Late at night, park and kiss on a deserted country road.
50. Share a vision.
51. Play 'would you ever' with each other.
52. Enjoy new and strange foods together.
53. Have older married couples in your life to set an example.
54. Plan to waste your lives on each other.
55. Respect one another first as an individual.
56. Treat your children how to respect others.
57. Believe that your love with each other shines on those around you.
58. Be Jesus to your wife (and if you don't get it, think about it for a while).
59. And if you still don't get it: Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church.
60. Have the same friends.
61. Make it a priority in your relationship to serve others.
62. Set boundaries and stick to them.
63. Don't belittle your spouse, most especially in front of others.
64. Be thankful and tell your spouse you're thankful for what they do.
65. Never...EVER...make the other feel stupid.
66. Make sure to show the other person that you desire them. Don't just say it, but show it. But not just before sex.
67. Live with your wife according to knowledge. Guys says stuff like, "I knew that was going to make her mad." Then why'd you do it? Idiot.
68. Wives, accept the role as 'helpmeet'...because it's powerful and not at all demeaning.
69. Know that you're nothing much without the other.
70. Men, learn how to make the bed.
71. Women, if they can't figure out how to make it 'correctly' just make it anyway. They're guys. They need you.
72. One year of marriage is just as significant as 40 years. Each year brings it's own challenges.
73. If you have children, teach them TOGETHER.
74. Don't compare your marriage to someone else's.
75. James 3:17. Look it up. Oh, and then there's a dirty scripture verse I'd send you to, but my Grandma would kill us.
76. Don't think that anything is too hard to overcome together.
78. Know that storms are blessings in disguise.
80. Hold on tight.
81. Come to understand that the two of you are your OWN family first.
82. Don't be subtle with your affections.
83. Nor stingy with your affections.
84. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
85. It's okay if they play video games.
86. Go to church together...and men, go to church alone when you're wife if out of town. She'll admire you for it.
87. Don't buy her flowers often...but sporadically...and on days that do not require flowers.
88. Men, if you don't like to mow the grass, hire someone. Just make sure it is done once a week.
89. Sweat together. Whatever it takes, sweat together.
90. Let the other person know you're proud of them.
91. Don't ever forget to open the door for her, most especially on those date nights.
92. Make a list like this together.
93. Make fun of other people's lists.
94. Always remember, she's the woman you need and not just the woman you want.
95. Always remember to be the woman he wants and not just the woman he needs.
96. Watch sappy chick flicks together...because he secretly likes it.
97. Divorce? What's that?
98. When you introduce your wife, make sure she blushes because of how you're admiring/praising her.
100. Grow up together. Not old. Just up.

~Gia and Roger

PS: 101 Learn how to wrastle together...amazingly.

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