Teach My Hands

Reading/painting music:

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be able to paint. I could draw and charcoal and sketch to my hearts content, and most usually, my pieces turned out with stunning quality. But hand me some paint and brushes and I couldn't even manage to imitate a poorly done Picaso. I have just never been able to paint....

And it made me mad.

I believe it was shortly before Christmas that I decided I was going to paint. I wish I had sat down and written why I decided I was going to do it. I can't remember now. But one night, I drug in a tabletop easel to the living room floor, plugged in the headphones and dug into acrylics. That first piece gripped at people's hearts. People have asked to purchase it for a great deal of money. I've sold studio prints. I was shocked, to say the least.

Where in the world had that come from?

I think it happened because the Lord was teaching me things as I painted. I had a reference picture to look at, but He just started changing everything...making it ours.

The Girl In The Storm...

I'm that girl in the storm. He even told me to put a little line in my chin...paint my long nose...arched brows. This girl...her world is tragic...but only momentarily. The waters rage, the winds howl, the rain is beating down on her. But God is there. His glory are all the warm colors, washing over her, transforming her. In that moment, she casts down her eyes, breathes deep...and rests in Him.

As the brushes moved through the paint on the canvas, God was clearly telling me that He might not rescue me when life seems dire--life and death--but He WOULD always be there. His glory, His peace and mercy would be there to breathe in and rest in. He was changing me. These storms...they are my salvation in disguise. They are my training grounds for a great and grand purpose.

Since that painting, the Lord has singled out people that share that story with me. God directed me to make The Girl In The Storm a series. I've tried, making up my own versions, but I wasn't getting it right. Finally, the Lord stopped me and told me to paint people, young women, that He had brought into my life. He plucked girls out of the fray, out of their storm, He allowed me to partner with Him to love on them, and He was screaming, "Just paint THEM. Let Me show them something through the painting..."

And here is my first, TRUE Girl In The Storm...

I was scared to try to paint this. The first stormy was kind of abstract. I do not know how to paint a realistic portrait. Charcoal and graphite, yes, I can handle it. But painting the hues of flesh and the sparkle in eyes...

But as I painted, God just took my hands. We listened to music together, and at one point, when the face was done and I began to start on the hair, I just felt his breath. I stopped, leaned back, TRULY looked at what I had done already...and wept. In that moment, I could FEEL only a small fraction of His love for this young woman. But that small fraction, nearly crushed me.

He has told me to do something--something that seemed impossible to me at the time. He has been faithful to take hold of my hands and direct them. And when it is nearly finished, when it is still just oil and canvas, He gently moves me to the side and breathes upon it...

So I'm going to keep painting. I am going to keep elbow deep in charcoal, because my FATHER is showing me how He can use art to transform lives and hearts. That's pretty bossome if you ask me.


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