Just Keep Working

I am feeling ever-so-slightly discouraged.

The Lord clearly told me to do something and I happily dove in. Then, I found out that I am doing something someone else is already doing...and they are doing a better job at it. So what do I do? Do I stop? Do I keep at my work?

This is not a new story. I am an artist, a photographer and a writer. In all of those things, someone else has that occupation as well...and most likely, a great deal of them do a stellar job. I cannot hold my work up to theirs to determine who is more superior. I have to just keep working. Because their work will touch a life that mine will not, and my work will touch a life that theirs will not.

So I keep working.

I keep spinning my words together, throwing them up in the air and letting them settle how they will.

I will keep picking up my camera and capturing tender moments in people's lives.

I will not let my pencils stray very far from my fingertips, dutifully sketching and molding a face of flesh and bone onto paper.

I will not stop.

I will not compare.

I will not get discouraged.

Because the breath of the Lord is at my back, spurring me on, moving me to action, never yielding. And as time moves on...the work grows better.

So that's that.

I have work to do.


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